For those who want design, innovation and quality

Design, Innovation and Quality

As the Emek Çelik Kapı family, we started in 1975 in a small company in the old industrial zone of Kayseri on an area of approx. 35 m². We have experienced the difficulties of every newborn company in the growth phase. As a company that has been in the industry since 1975, we have become one of the companies that monitor the difficulties, problems and location of the industry. We wanted to satisfy our customers by evaluating the offers and inquiries that have been received by us since the first years of the establishment of our company and we felt the need to renew ourselves. First of all, we set up our 10,000 m² closed area with our 15,000 m² open area in the organized industrial zone, switched from the workshop to the factory system and took our place in this area.

Our company continues its firm steps as a company with its own models and different designs, which differ from the imitative and day-saving mentality of the door sector in our country with its technological investments.

By combining aesthetics and quality, our company will continue to be a global brand that does not imitate and responds to evolving and changing customer requirements.

We carry our excitement on the first day. We rely on our principles of accuracy, quality and innovation.

We implement innovative and innovative approaches for every product that we design.

We follow the design trends and produce special designs for different regions.

We set standards worldwide in terms of design, functionality, quality and door production.

Our main priority is always the development of safety criteria for the manufacture of bulletproof, refractory products for geographical and special conditions.

We offer functionality and technological adaptation as well as a powerful appearance.