Schüco & Emek Steel Door

Their standard equipment basically meets the highest demands in terms of safety, static and thermal insulation. You can also customize the design and equipment of the swing doors to suit your individual needs.

The advantage of aluminum front doors

Why do aluminum entrance doors have many advantages over plastic or wooden house doors?

The doors are extremely resistant to a wide range of weather conditions and can also be precisely shaped for highly sealed energy-saving components. Neither particularly hot summer days nor cold winter weeks nor wetness can damage aluminum front doors. Since there are no iron parts in aluminum metal, aluminum front doors cannot rust and cause corrosion. Aluminum front doors are powder coated in the color of your choice and look new even after a few years. It is not necessary to repaint later.

In addition to the extraordinarily rich selection of door models and equipment, EMEK has Design - many functions that are already standard!

SCHÜCO aluminum front door is made of above-average thick profiles. In addition, the door is reinforced with special profiles, so that in extreme weather conditions there can be no bimetallic impact or deformation. With such a stable front door, you won't have any problems opening and closing in the long run.



Action doors can be ordered as desired with DIN certified safety classes RC 1 and RC 2. Resistance class RC 2 is usually completely sufficient for private households. Since aluminum is also very durable, additional equipment is often unnecessary. Police recommend resistance class 2 for front doors. The standard 3-piece roller door hinges and other elements provide greater theft protection by design -Haustür.de. To thermal insulation is in the design- above the legal requirements of the Energy Savings Regulation at Haustür.de: The panels covering both sides are 85 mm thick, equipped with three perimeter glasses and triple thermal insulation glass (U-value 0.5 W/m2K) above average. In times of expensive energy resources and the importance of energy saving, the front doors of the design are outstanding thermal insulation values ​​at Haustür.