Product code : YW4LFC

It offers a quality suitable for your nobility with its texture and plain appearance. It is waiting for you with its impact resistant structure, special hinges, sound insulation and noise canceling feature, thermal insulation and environmentally friendly features.

  • Our doorposts in interior leafs (31*45 mm) we use first class oven-dry and finger-joint fir or ladin.
  • Our door surfaces are applied first class 6 mm MDF .
  • We use inside full filled leafs interior doors honey comb with small cells.
  • We put extra support doorpost to lock and hinge places.
  • The leaf thickness 6 mm MDF + 31 mm fir wood + 6 mm MDF TOTAL 43 mm.
  • Sandvich Panel Cases is 12 mm MDF + 18 mm fir or ladin solid wood + 12 mm MDF.
  • Door reveals width are 8cm and thickness 10 mm both sides are adjustable.
  • In glass doors, glass frames one of them is fixed, other disassembled.
  • Lock brand is Kale model 40 extra roller oval lock.
  • Three pcs flexible hinges are used.
  • The leafs are all natural veneered, both sides.


R-001, which is a door worthy of your nobility with its texture and plain appearance, offers you quality. It awaits you with its impact-resistant structure, special hinges, sound insulation, noise canceling feature, heat insulation and environmentally friendly features.

R-001, a simple door with its impact-resistant and durable front armor, is specially produced with the taste and features you are looking for.

Add a plus to your elegance with fine details, texture and superior quality.