Product code : KRGX71

Our fire exit doors have 120 minutes fire proof document. Our cases and wings are painted in 200-220 C controlled spray and washing line static paint facility.

  • Door dimensions are widht 90 cm, height 200 cm and adjustable frame 24 cm.
  • Door frames 1,5 mm CCR-6112 Ereğli A-1 DKP sheet.
  • Door leafs 1.2 mm CCR-6112 Ereğli A-1 DKP sheet.
  • Inside of case and around of leaf sticked with fire resistant rubber.Also smoke proof.
  • All of our frames and leafs are electrostatic powder coated. 200220 0C convery static paint plant with spraying and washing line.
  • Door metal paints are polyester coating powder.
  • We use one special spring hinge and roll hinge in fire exit doors.
  • It is optional that panic bar using that compliance with TSE standarts.
  • The doors can be painted standart paints.
  • High density 60*110 mm rockwool is used in door leaves for insulation.
  • Packaging : Full bubble pack, double carton with 5 pcs tapes.
  • We use special fire proof sheetrock 1cm thickness in leafs.
  • We use ceramic wool 2 cm in leafs standart.
  • We have 120 min fire resistance certificate.


We have a 120 minute fire resistance certificate for our fire exit doors. Our frames and wings are painted in a 200-220 C convery spray and static paint facility with washing lines.