• Door sizes and dimensions; Lenght: 208 cm Width: 108 cm Frames: 18-24 cm (adjustable)
  • Door frames 1,5 mm CCR-6112 Ereğli A-1 DKP sheet, rubber joint. We produce lock opposite places as embedded into sheet metal.
  • Door leaves 1,2 mm CCR-6112 Ereğli A-1 DKP sheet. There are a whole sheet and 5 pieces metal belt inside the wings. Edge of wings sizes 10 cm-box frames, sprit thickness is 7,5 cm.
  • We produce wooden parts of door “A” class embossed walnut. (you choose one of veneer types as Alphi, Laminante or walnut rustic etc.)
  •  We use glue at facing frames with 4 mm MDF on inside part of steel case.
  • Outside case of reveal is applied suitable model on 16mm or 18 mm MDF. We send them fixed and glued.
  • Reveals are applied suitable model to wing or oval. We send them fixed and glued.
  • We always full fill 40 DNS 30 mm rock wool inside wings that provides insulating voice and heat.
  • All of our frames and leaves are electrostatic powder coated. 200-220 C° convey static paint plant with spraying and washing line.
  • Our colors are poliester statics and also have 5 years guarantee. We will prefer suitable color to wingcolor.
  • Our lock system monobloc lock performed. (We have a lot of lock system choises.
  • Hinge sides are powered by 6 steel security pins. Chrome bowl is used to opposite of pins.
  • Door accesories are all brass. You can choose satin or yellow color. We provide differrent accessories types or colors if it suits door style.
  • There are a door viewer that has 180 degree point of view with big glass lens on each door wings and secret security manacle each door standart.
  • We use 3 hinges that 4 axis are special production can lubricate in our each doors.
  • Wick stickings are used around the wings.
  • Backside style of wing is applied simple & plain. It is optional on your request.
  • A packed Elit serie door weighs 125-135 kg .
  • All of our doors have 1 years guarantee in TSE standarts. Also using materials have 1 year guarantee care of production companies.


PR-313, which is a door worthy of your nobility with its texture and plain appearance, offers you quality. It awaits you with its impact-resistant structure, special hinges, sound insulation, noise canceling feature, heat insulation and environmentally friendly features.

PR-313, a simple door with its impact-resistant and durable front armor, is specially produced with the taste and features you are looking for.

Add a plus to your elegance with fine details, texture and superior quality.