The Labor For Your Safety

EMEK STEEL DOOR, which does not compromise its design and safety, develops special products for you with years of experience and technology. With this trust, all of our customers recommend our brand.

As Emek Çelik Kapı family, we started in a small business in Kayseri Old Industrial Zone in 1975 on an area of approximately 35m². Today, we represent our country with our products in over 25 countries with more than 100 employees in 25.000m².

In the first place, we established our 10.000m² closed area with our 15.000m² open area in the organized industrial zone, and switched from the workshop to the factory system and took our place in this sector. Together with our faith and devotion, we have been giving "labor" to many countries abroad for the last 10 years for 38 years.

As Emek Çelik Kapı, our exports are growing day by day. Emek Çelik Kapı, which is a great support with the export of steel doors to the country's economy, continues to export to the regions of the world in this field. The export of steel door companies in our region increases especially in the neighboring countries, especially in the Middle East, North Africa and the Turkish republics.

As Emek Steel Door, we help you to create a more modern and stylish life by creating innovative designs both in steel doors and interior doors. Our products should be offered to consumers, using materials and paints that emphasize human health and safety, and products that are rich in aesthetics as well as safety.

We Are All Over The World.

As Emek Steel Door, we exist on all continents of the world. We work with all our strength to serve you better with our leading company in the industry.


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